Fashion for everyone

Fashion is right when it feels right. We want everyone, regardless of age, gender and size, to find clothes to fit them and boost their self-esteem. Welcome to the Kappahl world!

In the 1950s, when Per-Olof “Pelle” Ahl founded Kappahl, winter coats were hard come by. Many women had trouble finding a well-fitting coat in their size. Besides which, a coat in the post-war era was a costly, barely-affordable investment.

Pelle Ahl created a range of coats for everyone, regardless of body or budget size. His mantra was to give many people the opportunity to dress well.

And this is what drives us to this day: affordable fashion with broad appeal.



Our values guide us

Our core values are based on the fact that everyone is just the way they should be. We don’t expect you to fit into our clothes; our clothes should fit you. Because fashion is right when it feels right. And when you feel confident and looking your best, then you will be confident and well-dressed.

We believe in inclusive and healthy ideals, and strive for this to be reflected in both our ranges and our communication:

  • We offer a wide range of clothes in different sizes and fits – because fashion is not about size.
  • Our images feature a diverse range of models in terms of size, body shape, skin colour and age.
  • We offer a wide range of clothing for children, where the focus is on comfort and wearability. At our stores, we categorise our clothes by “girls” and “boys” because our regular customer surveys indicate that most of you still prefer to shop in this way. Even so, many of our customers happily shop for trousers in the “girls” section for their sons, and vice versa. In our Shop Online, you can opt to filter your shopping by size, colour or collection, but the garments are not categorised by “boys” or “girls”. We also have two distinctly unisex collections for children: Minories and Kaxs Proxtec.
  • We do not sell garments that might be considered offensive. Ideas about what can be considered to be offensive vary from one era to another as well as between people and cultures. Our intention is to show sensitivity and let our inclusive ideal guide us.
  • We have signed up to The Swedish Ethical Fashion Charter, which is a set of guidelines on the fashion industry’s body ideal and diversity, and also working environment issues for models.
  • We conduct an annual survey of our customer club members, inviting them to rate how well we convey diversity in our marketing.