Offer from Mellby Gård 2019

On the 29 July 2019 KappAhl's majority owner, Mellby Gård AB, submitted a public takeover bid to all KappAhl’s shareholders.

On October 7, Mellby Gård AB declared the offer unconditional and to be fulfilled since Mellby Gård AB controls more than 90 percent of the KappAhl shares. Mellby Gård also announced that they will work to delist the KappAhl shares from Nasdaq Stockholm. Mellby Gård AB further announced that they will redeem the remaining shares through a compulsory redemption procedure and work to delist the KappAhl shares from Nasdaq Stockholm.

Regarding compulsory redemption procedure 

KappAhl AB (publ) (”KappAhl”) was de-listed from Nasdaq Stockholm on 30 October 2019. At that time, Mellby Gård AB (”Mellby Gård”) controlled approximately 91.5 of the shares and votes in KappAhl. Mellby Gård has initiated a compulsory redemption procedure to redeem the minority shareholders’ remaining shares. Questions regarding the compulsory redemption procedure can be asked to the person who have been appointed by the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Sw. Bolagsverket) as a legal representative for the minority shareholders (Sw. god man), lawyer Stefan Sandén, Engelbrektsgatan 7, SE-114 32 Stockholm, Sweden, phone +46(0)8-440 54 30 or +46(0)70-671 13 31, e-mail

An arbitration panel has been appointed (16 January 2020)

An arbitration panel has been appointed, consisting of adj. Professor Rolf Skog, appointed by the majority shareholder Mellby Gård, the lawyer Einar Wanhainen, appointed by the appointed  legal representative, and the Justice Council Johnny Herre, appointed by the other arbitrators to chair the committee.

Minority shareholders in KappAhl do not need to take any action to get paid for their shares but can be represented by the appointed legal representative. If any minority shareholder wishes to participate in the arbitration in person or through his own representative, he should notify Johnny Herre of his wish within two weeks of the announcement of the announcement.

Mellby Gård is represented in the arbitration proceedings by lawyer Erik Wernberg and lawyer. William Lundgren, Law Firm Cederquist, Box 1670, 111 96 Stockholm, telephone 08-522 065 00, e-mail resp.

The request for documents or information in the case should be addressed to the appointed legal representative, the lawyer Stefan Sandén and the lawyer Ulrika Magnusson, Engelbrektsgatan 7, 1 tr, 114 32 Stockholm, telephone 070-671 13 31 and the other. 070-303 31 47, e-mail resp.

Contact information to the chairman of the arbitration panel: Johnny Herre, Gagnefsvägen 11, 167 75 Bromma, e-mail

More information

Link to Mellby Gård's offer to KappAhl’s shareholders (Choose the link "Financial Information" and "Offer KappAhl")